Sphinx Users And Developers Workshop 2010 Results

So, CMU Sphinx workshop in Dallas is over. Let us congratulate all participants especially submission authors. That was a great event, the room was full! We were amazed by number of people who attended, their passion and interest in CMU Sphinx. We would be glad to see more participants next year!

For those who missed the workshop, the papers and some slides are available on the website. Certainly you could find something interesting there like new feature release announcements, applications details and new research topics. We didn't forget to support ASR research of course. Workshop was recorded by many recording devices of various types and this data will serve as a database for meeting transcription system.

Of course, the most important side of being on workshop is face-to-face communication. It was important for us to collect and address concerns of our users. Main issues noted were the following:

  • Using CMUSphinx in application development. How to make sure the best possible way is taken.
  • Using CMUSphinx in research projects. How to get stability guarantees to ensure that work will not be lost or done twice
  • Project planning. How to get more information on the project future.

Luckily problems above are mostly organizational issues. There were two development meetings after the workshop to address them. Expect a new announcement about it soon.

We would be glad to continue discussions about CMU Sphinx. Please subscribe to the development mailing list https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/cmusphinx-devel. We would be glad to answer your questions and would appreciate your suggestions.