PocketSphinx 0.6.1 release

This is a bugfix release, addressing a number of important issues in the 0.6 release. Specifically:

  • The GStreamer plugin was broken with old versions of GStreamer (such as the one shipped on Nokia Internet Tablets) which did not accept "BSD" as a valid license type.
  • Runtime performance of the statistical LM based decoder was significantly worse than 0.5 when not using phoneme lookahead.  It is now about 10% faster and also uses less memory.
  • The FSG decoder now consumes drastically less memory and CPU power.  (It is still not as good as it should be, but no longer completely embarrassing)
  • The Python modules were undocumented.  Docstrings compatible with epydoc have been added.
  • Raw audio logging (-rawlogdir) was broken.
  • Adding new words works properly, including words with unknown triphones (which never worked before).
  • The SphinxBase Python module can now use class-based language models.
  • The pitch estimation utility (sphinx_pitch) now builds properly on Win32.
  • Some problems with the N-Gram iterator API have been fixed.
  • Bestpath search has been fixed to handle recognition failure gracefully.

Source code is available for download on SourceForge.  Binary packages for Ubuntu will be updated shortly.