New release: sphinxbase-0.8, pocketsphinx-0.8 and sphinxtrain-0.8

We are pleased to announce that today a pack of CMUSphinx packages was released:

  • sphinxbase-0.8
  • pocketsphinx-0.8
  • sphinxtrain-0.8

For the download links see:

The biggest update of this release is a new sphinxtrain. The code sharing between sphinxbase and sphinxtrain significantly increased bringing more consistent codebase and interface, accurate memory management and increased usability.

Beside that, a single sphinxtrain binary is introduced to provide an easy and flexible access to the whole training procedure. In the future we hope to reduce the amount of Perl scripts in training setup and to port everything on Python. This will open the access to an advanced Python ecosystem including scientific packages, graphics and distributed computing.

Another notable change of this release in a new openfst-based G2P framework implemented during Google Summer of Code. Credits for this should go to Josef Robert Novak and John Salatas. This framework is also supported by sphinx4 and provides a uniform and accurate algorithm to create dictionaries from word lists.

A numerous bug fixes and improvements were submitted by our contributors. We should be grateful to the great developers who made this release possible. Many thanks to our star team, which is impressively long:

Alessandro Curzi
Alexandru-Dan Tomescu
Bhiksha Raj
Blake Lemoine
Boris Mansencal
Douglas Bagnall
Erik Andresen
Evandro Gouvea
Glenn Pierce
Halle Winkler
Jidong Tao
John Salatas
Josef Novak
Kris Thielemans
Lionel Koenig
Marc Legendre
Michal Krajnansky
Nicola Murino
Pankaj Pailwar
Paul Dixon
Peter Grasch
Riccardo Magliocchetti
Scott Silliman
Shea Levy
Tanel Alumae
Tony Robinson
Vassil Panayotov
Vijay Abharadwaj
Vyacheslav Klimkov
Yuri Orlov

For more detailed information see the NEWS file in the corresponding packages.

The new sphinx4 package and an android demo using pocketsphinx will be released soon, finalizing the release cycle. After that, a great new features will start their way into codebase. Stay tuned.