OpenEars version 1.3.0 Preview Is Available

Recently, a new version of OpenEars is announced. The main feature of a new release 1.3.0 is an upgrade to the latest CMUSphinx codebase pocketsphinx-0.8. This upgrade should bring additional stability and performance, so you are welcome to try it!

OpenEars is the most popular free offline speech recognition and text-to-speech framework on iOS, and the basis for the OpenEars Platform, a plugin system that lets you drag-and-drop new speech capabilities into your iOS app.

If you are interested in examples of the applications built with CMUSphinx and OpenEars framework, please visit this cool project. Photo editing can be a challenging task, and it becomes even more difficult on the small, portable screens such as camera phones that are now frequently used to edit images. To address this problem PixelTone, a multimodal photo editing interface that combines speech and direct manipulation was created:

This truely creative application demonstrates how powerful multimodal framework could be created with CMUSphinx. Your application could be the next voice-enabled one!