Virtual Assistants in Games

There is a lot of discussion today where the very hot virtual assistant market will head. There are assistants to ask for the weather, assistants to ask about sports games and running assistants. Home assistants help you to turn off TV and watch the temperature. All those doesn't seem too attractive. "Okay, Google, why Siri doesn’t talk to me anymore?"

One interesting application of speech recognition technology is games. It is much more to run through the dark dungeons casting light with something like "Ekto Lumeh" and calling for dragons.

Unlike real-word users players in games feel way more natural to speak with virtual characters and even forgive some recognition mistake. So it is definitely something that would be popular in a near future. In that sense it is interesting to consider In Verbis Virtus, a game created by a talented Italian studio Indomitus Games.

It is fun that game is implemented using CMUSphinx, you can read about implementation details here.