QtSpeechRecognition API for Qt Using Pocketsphinx

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It is really great to see the wide variety of APIs raising around Pocketsphinx, one recent new one is QtSpeechRecognition API implemented by Code-Q for assistive applications. This undertaking is quite ambitious, the main features include

  • Speech recognition engines are loaded as plug-ins.
  • Engine is controlled asynchronously, causing only minimal load to the
    application thread.
  • Built-in task queue makes plug-in development easier and forces
    unified behavior between engine integrations.
  • Engine integration handles the audio recording, making it easy to use
    from the application.
  • Application can create multiple grammars and switch between them.
  • Setting mute temporarily disables speech recognition, allowing
    co-operation with audio output (speech prompts or audio cues).
  • Includes integration to PocketSphinx engine (latest codebase) as a

You can discuss features and find more details on the following thread in Qt mailing list. You can find the sources in review in qtspeech project, branch wip/speech-recognition.

The implementation already includes pretty interesting features, for example it intelligently saves and restores CMN state for more robust recognition. So let us see how it goes.