Should you select Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi B+ for CMUSphinx

This is an interesting, a very important question for our users. Embedded software is one of the core use cases, nobody cares about Intel these days, everyone needs to run on small efficient ARM and MIPS devices. Microsoft also chases the race. Raspberry Pi is a first choice here. But there are many models available, so you might wonder which one do you need to choose for your application.

Luckily, our user Alan McDonley has recently published an evaluation of Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi B+ for common speech recognition tasks. Of course this report misses some details like it doesn't really tune the performance of recognizer and it doesn't cover the very important keyword spotting mode, the primary mode for devices like Pi.

Please check it out on Element14.

See the video too

Raspberry Pi 3 Speech Recognition Road Test from Alan McDonley on Vimeo.

We actually are very interested in performance evaluations on various devices and very much need your help here. Of course we can not obtain any software around, so results, logs, comments would be very appreciated!