Pocketsphinx as standalone app on Android wearables

With the launch of Android Wear's new version 2.0 now it is possible to run standalone apps on wearables - indepentent of a phone.

Wearable Screen

The PocketSphinx Demo app for Android includes continuous listening for the keyphrase “oh mighty computer” and once that keyphrase has been recognized, it switches to grammar mode to let you input some information. And now, thanks to the contribution of Mathias Lenz, the demo app has been extended by a module to make it available as a standalone app on wearables running Android Wear 2.0.

To explore the source code and test and run it, you can just download the project from our GitHub, import it to your Android Studio, run it in an emulator and build an APK and deploy it onto a wearable device running Android Wear 2.0. Let us know how it works.