Update on CMUSphinx Project

Dear users, you've might been asking yourself why there were not so many updates on CMUSphinx recently. Time goes really fast and many things change in ASR. Deep learning, huge NLP models like BERT, Tacotron and Wavenet/Waveglow/WaveRNN, Pytorch vs Tensorflow, huge datsets, chatbots and so on and so forth. Many new toolkits appear and some disappear - Eesen, Espresso, Kaldi, Wav2letter, NeMo. The whole area is thriving.

CMUSphinx team has been actively participating in all those activities, creating new models, applications, helping newcomers and showing the best way to implement speech recognition system. We are here to suggest you the easiest way to start such an exciting world of speech recognition. Lately we implemented a Kaldi on Android, providing much better accuracy for large vocabulary decoding, which was hard to imagine before.

If you are interested in learning more, check Alpha Cephei website, our Github and join us on Telegram and Reddit.

Stay tuned!