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dict2pid.c File Reference


#include <string.h>
#include "dict2pid.h"
#include "hmm.h"

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void compress_table (s3ssid_t *uncomp_tab, s3ssid_t *com_tab, s3cipid_t *ci_map, int32 n_ci)
int32 get_rc_nssid (dict2pid_t *d2p, s3wid_t w)
 ARCHAN, A duplicate of get_rc_npid in ctxt_table.h. More...
s3cipid_tdict2pid_get_rcmap (dict2pid_t *d2p, s3wid_t w)
 Get RC map. More...
int dict2pid_add_word (dict2pid_t *d2p, int32 wid)
 Add a word to the dict2pid structure (after adding it to dict).
s3ssid_t dict2pid_internal (dict2pid_t *d2p, int32 wid, int pos)
 Return the senone sequence ID for the given word position.
dict2pid_tdict2pid_build (bin_mdef_t *mdef, dict_t *dict)
 Build the dict2pid structure for the given model/dictionary. More...
dict2pid_tdict2pid_retain (dict2pid_t *d2p)
 Retain a pointer to dict2pid.
int dict2pid_free (dict2pid_t *d2p)
 Free the memory dict2pid structure. More...
void dict2pid_report (dict2pid_t *d2p)
 Report a dict2pid data structure. More...
void dict2pid_dump (FILE *fp, dict2pid_t *d2p)
 For debugging. More...

Detailed Description

  • dictionary word to senone sequence mappings

Definition in file dict2pid.c.

Function Documentation

void compress_table ( s3ssid_t *  uncomp_tab,
s3ssid_t *  com_tab,
s3cipid_t ci_map,
int32  n_ci 

Compress this map

Definition at line 49 of file dict2pid.c.

References BAD_S3CIPID, and BAD_S3SSID.

Referenced by dict2pid_add_word().

dict2pid_t* dict2pid_build ( bin_mdef_t mdef,
dict_t dict 

Build the dict2pid structure for the given model/dictionary.

mdefA model definition
dictAn initialized dictionary

Definition at line 388 of file dict2pid.c.

References BAD_S3SSID, bin_mdef_ciphone_str(), bin_mdef_retain(), dict2pid_t::dict, dict2pid_report(), dict_pron, dict_retain(), dict_size, dict2pid_t::ldiph_lc, dict2pid_t::lrdiph_rc, dict2pid_t::mdef, bin_mdef_s::n_ciphone, WORD_POSN_BEGIN, and WORD_POSN_END.

Referenced by ps_load_dict(), and ps_reinit().

void dict2pid_dump ( FILE *  fp,
dict2pid_t d2p 

For debugging.

fpIn: a file pointer
d2pIn: a dict2pid_t structure

Definition at line 538 of file dict2pid.c.

References bin_mdef_ciphone_str(), dict2pid_t::dict, dict2pid_internal(), dict_size, dict2pid_t::ldiph_lc, dict2pid_t::mdef, bin_mdef_s::n_sseq, and bin_mdef_s::sseq.

int dict2pid_free ( dict2pid_t d2p)
s3cipid_t* dict2pid_get_rcmap ( dict2pid_t d2p,
s3wid_t  w 

Get RC map.

d2pIn: a dict2pid
wIn: a wid

Definition at line 229 of file dict2pid.c.

References xwdssid_t::cimap, dictword_t::ciphone, dict2pid_t::dict, dict2pid_t::lrssid, dictword_t::pronlen, dict2pid_t::rssid, and dict_t::word.

void dict2pid_report ( dict2pid_t d2p)

Report a dict2pid data structure.

d2pIn: a dict2pid_t structure

Definition at line 533 of file dict2pid.c.

Referenced by dict2pid_build().

int32 get_rc_nssid ( dict2pid_t d2p,
s3wid_t  w 

ARCHAN, A duplicate of get_rc_npid in ctxt_table.h.

Get number of rc.

I doubt whether it is correct because the compressed map has not been checked.

d2pIn: a dict2pid
wIn: a wid

Definition at line 204 of file dict2pid.c.

References dictword_t::ciphone, dict2pid_t::dict, dict2pid_t::lrssid, xwdssid_t::n_ssid, dictword_t::pronlen, dict2pid_t::rssid, and dict_t::word.