PocketSphinx  5prealpha
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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|o*pocketsphinx.hMain header file for the PocketSphinx decoder
|o*ps_lattice.hWord graph search
|o*ps_mllr.hModel-space linear transforms for speaker adaptation
|\*ps_search.hUser can configure several "search" objects with different grammars and langauge models and switch them in runtime to provide interactive experience for the user
  o*acmod.cAcoustic model structures for PocketSphinx
  o*acmod.hAcoustic model structures for PocketSphinx
  o*bin_mdef.hBinary format model definition files, with support for heterogeneous topologies and variable-size N-phones
  o*dict.hOperations on dictionary
  • dictionary word to senone sequence mappings
  o*dict2pid.hBuilding triphones for a dictionary
  o*fsg_lextree.cThe collection of all the lextrees for the entire FSM
  o*hmm.hImplementation of HMM base structure
  o*mdef.hModel definition
  o*ms_gauden.h(Sphinx 3.0 specific) Gaussian density module
  o*ms_mgau.h(Sphinx 3.0 specific) A module that wraps up the code of gauden and senone because they are closely related
  o*ms_senone.h(Sphinx 3.0 specific) multiple streams senones
  o*ngram_search.cN-Gram based multi-pass search ("FBS")
  o*ngram_search.hN-Gram based multi-pass search ("FBS")
  o*ngram_search_fwdflat.cFlat lexicon search
  o*ngram_search_fwdflat.hFlat lexicon based Viterbi search
  o*ngram_search_fwdtree.cLexicon tree search
  o*ngram_search_fwdtree.hLexicon tree based Viterbi search
  o*phone_loop_search.hFast and rough context-independent phoneme loop search
  o*pocketsphinx_internal.hInternal implementation of PocketSphinx decoder
  o*ps_alignment.cMulti-level alignment structure
  o*ps_alignment.hMulti-level alignment structure
  o*ps_lattice.cWord graph search
  o*ps_lattice_internal.hWord graph search implementation
  o*ps_mllr.cModel-space linear transforms for speaker adaptation
  o*ptm_mgau.hFast phonetically-tied mixture evaluation
  o*s3types.hSize definition of semantically units
  o*state_align_search.cState (and phone and word) alignment search
  o*state_align_search.hState (and phone and word) alignment search
  o*tied_mgau_common.hCommon code shared between SC and PTM (tied-state) models
  o*tmat.hTransition matrix data structure