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fsg_lextree.c File Reference

The collection of all the lextrees for the entire FSM. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <sphinxbase/ckd_alloc.h>
#include <sphinxbase/err.h>
#include "fsg_lextree.h"

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Data Structures

struct  fsg_glist_linklist_t


#define __FSG_DBG__   0


typedef struct fsg_glist_linklist_t fsg_glist_linklist_t


fsg_lextree_tfsg_lextree_init (fsg_model_t *fsg, dict_t *dict, dict2pid_t *d2p, bin_mdef_t *mdef, hmm_context_t *ctx, int32 wip, int32 pip)
 Create, initialize, and return a new phonetic lextree for the given FSG.
void fsg_lextree_dump (fsg_lextree_t *lextree, FILE *fp)
 Print an FSG lextree to a file for debugging.
void fsg_lextree_free (fsg_lextree_t *lextree)
 Free lextrees for an FSG.
void fsg_glist_linklist_free (fsg_glist_linklist_t *glist)
void fsg_pnode_add_all_ctxt (fsg_pnode_ctxt_t *ctxt)
 Set all flags on in the given context bitvector.
uint32 fsg_pnode_ctxt_sub_generic (fsg_pnode_ctxt_t *src, fsg_pnode_ctxt_t *sub)
 Generic variant for arbitrary size.
void fsg_psubtree_dump_node (fsg_lextree_t *tree, fsg_pnode_t *node, FILE *fp)
void fsg_psubtree_pnode_deactivate (fsg_pnode_t *pnode)
 Mark the given pnode as inactive (for search).

Detailed Description

The collection of all the lextrees for the entire FSM.

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