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ptm_mgau.h File Reference

Fast phonetically-tied mixture evaluation. More...

#include <sphinxbase/fe.h>
#include <sphinxbase/logmath.h>
#include <sphinxbase/mmio.h>
#include "acmod.h"
#include "hmm.h"
#include "bin_mdef.h"
#include "ms_gauden.h"

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Data Structures

struct  ptm_topn_s
struct  ptm_fast_eval_s
struct  ptm_mgau_s


typedef struct ptm_mgau_s ptm_mgau_t
typedef struct ptm_topn_s ptm_topn_t
typedef struct ptm_fast_eval_s ptm_fast_eval_t


ps_mgau_tptm_mgau_init (acmod_t *acmod, bin_mdef_t *mdef)
void ptm_mgau_free (ps_mgau_t *s)
int ptm_mgau_frame_eval (ps_mgau_t *s, int16 *senone_scores, uint8 *senone_active, int32 n_senone_active, mfcc_t **featbuf, int32 frame, int32 compallsen)
 Compute senone scores for the active senones.
int ptm_mgau_mllr_transform (ps_mgau_t *s, ps_mllr_t *mllr)

Detailed Description

Fast phonetically-tied mixture evaluation.

David Huggins-Daines dhugg.nosp@m.ins@.nosp@m.cs.cm.nosp@m.u.ed.nosp@m.u

Definition in file ptm_mgau.h.