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bin_mdef_s Struct Reference

Public Types

 Allocation mode for this object. More...

Data Fields

int refcnt
int32 n_ciphone
 Number of base (CI) phones.
int32 n_phone
 Number of base (CI) phones + (CD) triphones.
int32 n_emit_state
 Number of emitting states per phone (0 for heterogeneous)
int32 n_ci_sen
 Number of CI senones; these are the first.
int32 n_sen
 Number of senones (CI+CD)
int32 n_tmat
 Number of transition matrices.
int32 n_sseq
 Number of unique senone sequences.
int32 n_ctx
 Number of phones of context.
int32 n_cd_tree
 Number of nodes in cd_tree (below)
int16 sil
 CI phone ID for silence.
mmio_file_t * filemap
 File map for this file (if any)
char ** ciname
 CI phone names.
 Tree mapping CD phones to phone IDs.
 All phone structures.
uint16 ** sseq
 Unique senone sequences (2D array built at load time)
uint8 * sseq_len
 Number of states in each sseq (NULL for homogeneous)
int16 * cd2cisen
 Parent CI-senone id for each senone.
int16 * sen2cimap
 Parent CI-phone for each senone (CI or CD)
enum bin_mdef_s:: { ... }  alloc_mode
 Allocation mode for this object. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 117 of file bin_mdef.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Allocation mode for this object.

Definition at line 142 of file bin_mdef.h.

Field Documentation

enum { ... } bin_mdef_s::alloc_mode

Allocation mode for this object.

Referenced by bin_mdef_free(), bin_mdef_read(), and bin_mdef_read_text().

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