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kws_search_s Struct Reference

Implementation of KWS search structure. More...

#include <kws_search.h>

Data Fields

ps_search_t base
 HMM context. More...
glist_t keyphrases
 Keyphrases to spot.
 Keyword spotting history.
frame_idx_t frame
 Frame index.
int32 beam
int32 plp
 Phone loop probability.
int32 bestscore
 For beam pruning.
int32 def_threshold
 default threshold for p(hyp)/p(altern) ratio
int32 delay
 Delay to wait for best detection score.
int32 n_pl
 Number of CI phones.
 Phone loop hmms - hmms of CI phones.
ptmr_t perf
 Performance counter.
int32 n_tot_frame

Detailed Description

Implementation of KWS search structure.

Definition at line 70 of file kws_search.h.

Field Documentation

hmm_context_t* kws_search_s::hmmctx

HMM context.

Definition at line 73 of file kws_search.h.

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