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mdef_t Struct Reference

The main model definition structure. More...

#include <mdef.h>

Data Fields

int32 n_ciphone
 number basephones actually present
int32 n_phone
 number basephones + number triphones actually present
int32 n_emit_state
 number emitting states per phone
int32 n_ci_sen
 number CI senones; these are the first
int32 n_sen
 number senones (CI+CD)
int32 n_tmat
 number transition matrices
hash_table_t * ciphone_ht
 Hash table for mapping ciphone strings to ids.
 CI-phone information for all ciphones.
 Information for all ciphones and triphones.
uint16 ** sseq
 Unique state (or senone) sequences in this model, shared among all phones/triphones.
int32 n_sseq
 No. More...
int16 * cd2cisen
 Parent CI-senone id for each senone; the first n_ci_sen are identity mappings; the CD-senones are contiguous for each parent CI-phone.
int16 * sen2cimap
 Parent CI-phone for each senone (CI or CD)
int16 sil
ph_lc_t *** wpos_ci_lclist
 wpos_ci_lclist[wpos][ci] = list of lc for <wpos,ci>. More...

Detailed Description

The main model definition structure.

strcture for storing the model definition.

Definition at line 135 of file mdef.h.

Field Documentation

int32 mdef_t::n_sseq


of unique senone sequences in this model

Definition at line 148 of file mdef.h.

Referenced by bin_mdef_read_text(), and mdef_report().

ph_lc_t*** mdef_t::wpos_ci_lclist

wpos_ci_lclist[wpos][ci] = list of lc for <wpos,ci>.

wpos_ci_lclist[wpos][ci][lc].rclist = list of rc for <wpos,ci,lc>. Only entries for the known triphones are created to conserve space. (NOTE: FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY.)

Definition at line 157 of file mdef.h.

Referenced by bin_mdef_read_text(), mdef_free(), and mdef_phone_id().

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