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ps_latnode_s Struct Reference

DAG nodes. More...

#include <ps_lattice_internal.h>

Data Fields

int32 id
 Unique id for this node.
int32 wid
 Dictionary word id.
int32 basewid
 Dictionary base word id.
int32 fef
 First end frame.
int32 lef
 Last end frame.
frame_idx_t sf
 Start frame.
int16 reachable
 From. More...
int32 node_id
 Node from fsg model, used to map lattice back to model.
union {
   glist_t   velist
 List of history entries with different lmstate (tst only)
   int32   fanin
 Number nodes with links to this node.
   int32   rem_score
 Estimated best score from node.sf to end.
   int32   best_exit
 Best exit score (used for final nodes only)
 Links out of this node.
 Links into this node.
struct ps_latnode_salt
 Node with alternate pronunciation for this word.
struct ps_latnode_snext
 Next node in DAG (no ordering implied)

Detailed Description

DAG nodes.

A node corresponds to a number of hypothesized instances of a word which all share the same starting point.

Definition at line 113 of file ps_lattice_internal.h.

Field Documentation

int16 ps_latnode_s::reachable

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