SphinxBase  5prealpha
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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||o*ad.hGeneric live audio interface for recording and playback
||o*agc.hRoutine that implements automatic gain control
||o*bio.hCross platform binary IO to process files in sphinx3 format
||o*bitarr.hAn implementation bit array - memory efficient storage for digit int and float data
||o*bitvec.hAn implementation of bit vectors
||o*case.hLocale-independent implementation of case swapping operation
||o*ckd_alloc.hSphinx's memory allocation/deallocation routines
||o*cmd_ln.hCommand-line and other configurationparsing and handling
||o*cmn.hApply Cepstral Mean Normalization (CMN) to the set of input mfc frames
||o*err.hImplementation of logging routines
||o*feat.hCompute the dynamic coefficients from the cepstral vector
||o*filename.hFile names related operation
||o*genrand.hHigh performance prortable random generator created by Takuji Nishimura and Makoto Matsumoto
||o*glist.hGeneric linked-lists maintenance
||o*hash_table.hHash table implementation
||o*heap.hHeap Implementation
||o*jsgf.hJSGF grammar compiler
||o*listelem_alloc.hFast memory allocator for uniformly sized objects
||o*logmath.hFast integer logarithmic addition operations
||o*matrix.hMatrix and linear algebra functions
||o*mmio.hMemory-mapped I/O wrappers for files
||o*ngram_model.hN-Gram language models
||o*pio.hFile IO related operations
||o*prim_type.hBasic type definitions used in Sphinx
||o*profile.hImplementation of profiling, include counting , timing, cpu clock checking
||o*sbthread.hSimple portable thread functions
||o*strfuncs.hMiscellaneous useful string functions
||\*yin.hImplementation of pitch estimation
 |\*main_cepview.cMain driver of cepview
  o*sphinx_lm_convert.cLanguage model conversion tool
  \*sphinx_lm_eval.cLanguage model evaluation tool