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mmio.h File Reference

Memory-mapped I/O wrappers for files. More...

#include <sphinxbase/sphinxbase_export.h>

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typedef struct mmio_file_s mmio_file_t
 Abstract structure representing a memory-mapped file.


SPHINXBASE_EXPORT mmio_file_tmmio_file_read (const char *filename)
 Memory-map a file for reading. More...
SPHINXBASE_EXPORT void * mmio_file_ptr (mmio_file_t *mf)
 Get a pointer to the memory mapped for a file.
SPHINXBASE_EXPORT void mmio_file_unmap (mmio_file_t *mf)
 Unmap a file, releasing memory associated with it.

Detailed Description

Memory-mapped I/O wrappers for files.

David Huggins-Daines dhugg.nosp@m.ins@.nosp@m.cs.cm.nosp@m.u.ed.nosp@m.u

Definition in file mmio.h.

Function Documentation

SPHINXBASE_EXPORT mmio_file_t* mmio_file_read ( const char *  filename)

Memory-map a file for reading.

a mmio_file_t * or NULL for failure.

Definition at line 207 of file mmio.c.

References ckd_calloc, and E_ERROR_SYSTEM.

Referenced by logmath_read().