SphinxBase  5prealpha
sbthread.c File Reference

Simple portable thread functions. More...

#include <string.h>
#include "sphinxbase/sbthread.h"
#include "sphinxbase/ckd_alloc.h"
#include "sphinxbase/err.h"
#include <pthread.h>
#include <sys/time.h>

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Data Structures

struct  sbthread_s
struct  sbmsgq_s
struct  sbevent_s
struct  sbmtx_s


sbthread_tsbthread_start (cmd_ln_t *config, sbthread_main func, void *arg)
 Start a new thread.
int sbthread_wait (sbthread_t *th)
 Wait for a thread to complete.
sbmsgq_tsbmsgq_init (size_t depth)
 Create a message queue. More...
void sbmsgq_free (sbmsgq_t *msgq)
 Free a message queue.
int sbmsgq_send (sbmsgq_t *q, size_t len, void const *data)
 Post a message to a queue.
void * sbmsgq_wait (sbmsgq_t *q, size_t *out_len, int sec, int nsec)
 Wait for a message from a queue.
sbevent_tsbevent_init (void)
 Initialize an event.
void sbevent_free (sbevent_t *evt)
 Free an event.
int sbevent_signal (sbevent_t *evt)
 Signal an event.
int sbevent_wait (sbevent_t *evt, int sec, int nsec)
 Wait for an event to be signalled.
sbmtx_tsbmtx_init (void)
 Create a mutex.
int sbmtx_trylock (sbmtx_t *mtx)
 Try to acquire a mutex.
int sbmtx_lock (sbmtx_t *mtx)
 Acquire a mutex.
int sbmtx_unlock (sbmtx_t *mtx)
 Release a mutex.
void sbmtx_free (sbmtx_t *mtx)
 Dispose of a mutex.
cmd_ln_tsbthread_config (sbthread_t *th)
 Get configuration object from a thread.
void * sbthread_arg (sbthread_t *th)
 Get argument pointer from a thread.
sbmsgq_tsbthread_msgq (sbthread_t *th)
 Get message queue from a thread.
int sbthread_send (sbthread_t *th, size_t len, void const *data)
 Send an asynchronous message to a thread. More...
void sbthread_free (sbthread_t *th)
 Free a thread object.

Detailed Description

Simple portable thread functions.

David Huggins-Daines dhugg.nosp@m.ins@.nosp@m.cs.cm.nosp@m.u.ed.nosp@m.u

Definition in file sbthread.c.

Function Documentation

sbmsgq_t* sbmsgq_init ( size_t  depth)

Create a message queue.

depthDepth of the queue.

Definition at line 444 of file sbthread.c.

References ckd_calloc, and ckd_free().

Referenced by sbthread_start().

int sbthread_send ( sbthread_t th,
size_t  len,
void const *  data 

Send an asynchronous message to a thread.

Each thread gets a message queue by default, so this is just a wrapper around sbmsgq_send().

Definition at line 728 of file sbthread.c.

References sbmsgq_send().