SphinxBase  5prealpha
inlist Struct Reference

Data Fields

flag inerr
ftnint inunit
char * infile
ftnlen infilen
ftnint * inex
ftnint * inopen
ftnint * innum
ftnint * innamed
char * inname
ftnlen innamlen
char * inacc
ftnlen inacclen
char * inseq
ftnlen inseqlen
char * indir
ftnlen indirlen
char * infmt
ftnlen infmtlen
char * inform
ftnint informlen
char * inunf
ftnlen inunflen
ftnint * inrecl
ftnint * innrec
char * inblank
ftnlen inblanklen

Detailed Description

Definition at line 90 of file f2c.h.

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