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listelem_alloc_s Struct Reference

Fast linked list allocator. More...

Data Fields

char ** freelist
 ptr to first element in freelist
glist_t blocks
 Linked list of blocks allocated. More...
glist_t blocksize
 Number of elements in each block.
size_t elemsize
 Number of (char *) in element.
size_t blk_alloc
 Number of alloc operations before increasing blocksize.
size_t n_blocks
size_t n_alloc
size_t n_freed

Detailed Description

Fast linked list allocator.

We keep a separate linked list for each element-size. Element-size must be a multiple of pointer-size.

Initially a block of empty elements is allocated, where the first machine word in each element points to the next available element. To allocate, we use this pointer to move the freelist to the next element, then return the current element.

The last element in the list starts with a NULL pointer, which is used as a signal to allocate a new block of elements.

In order to be able to actually release the memory allocated, we have to add a linked list of block pointers. This shouldn't create much overhead since we never access it except when freeing the allocator.

Definition at line 65 of file listelem_alloc.c.

Field Documentation

glist_t listelem_alloc_s::blocks

Linked list of blocks allocated.

Definition at line 67 of file listelem_alloc.c.

Referenced by listelem_alloc_free(), listelem_alloc_init(), listelem_get_item(), and listelem_stats().

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