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ngram_class_s Struct Reference

Implementation of ngram_class_t. More...

#include <ngram_model_internal.h>

Data Structures

struct  ngram_hash_s
 Custom hash table for additional words. More...

Data Fields

int32 tag_wid
 Base word ID for this class tag.
int32 start_wid
 Starting base word ID for this class' words.
int32 n_words
 Number of base words for this class.
int32 * prob1
 Probability table for base words.
int32 n_hash
 Number of buckets in nword_hash (power of 2)
int32 n_hash_inuse
 Number of words in nword_hash.

Detailed Description

Implementation of ngram_class_t.

Definition at line 81 of file ngram_model_internal.h.

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