SphinxBase  5prealpha
yy_buffer_state Struct Reference

Data Fields

FILE * yy_input_file
char * yy_ch_buf
char * yy_buf_pos
int yy_buf_size
int yy_n_chars
int yy_is_our_buffer
int yy_is_interactive
int yy_at_bol
int yy_bs_lineno
 The line count. More...
int yy_bs_column
 The column count. More...
int yy_fill_buffer
int yy_buffer_status

Detailed Description

Definition at line 219 of file jsgf_scanner.c.

Field Documentation

int yy_buffer_state::yy_bs_column

The column count.

Definition at line 256 of file jsgf_scanner.c.

int yy_buffer_state::yy_bs_lineno

The line count.

Definition at line 255 of file jsgf_scanner.c.

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