SphinxBase  5prealpha
yyguts_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

YY_EXTRA_TYPE yyextra_r
FILE * yyin_r
FILE * yyout_r
size_t yy_buffer_stack_top
 index of top of stack. More...
size_t yy_buffer_stack_max
 capacity of stack. More...
 Stack as an array. More...
char yy_hold_char
int yy_n_chars
int yyleng_r
char * yy_c_buf_p
int yy_init
int yy_start
int yy_did_buffer_switch_on_eof
int yy_start_stack_ptr
int yy_start_stack_depth
int * yy_start_stack
yy_state_type yy_last_accepting_state
char * yy_last_accepting_cpos
int yylineno_r
int yy_flex_debug_r
char * yytext_r
int yy_more_flag
int yy_more_len

Detailed Description

Definition at line 623 of file jsgf_scanner.c.

Field Documentation

YY_BUFFER_STATE* yyguts_t::yy_buffer_stack

Stack as an array.

Definition at line 633 of file jsgf_scanner.c.

size_t yyguts_t::yy_buffer_stack_max

capacity of stack.

Definition at line 632 of file jsgf_scanner.c.

size_t yyguts_t::yy_buffer_stack_top

index of top of stack.

Definition at line 631 of file jsgf_scanner.c.

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