Installing SciPy for Sphinxtrain

This page details the things you need to install on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X in order to do Python development with SphinxTrain.

Note that Python is not currently required to use SphinxTrain, unless you wish to use LDA and MLLT feature transforms. However, prototyping and research is currently being done primarily using Python.

First, install Python. For Windows and Mac OS X, the latest release can be found at On Linux, it should be installed with your distribution.

Next, install NumPy and SciPy. For Windows, there are binary packages at On Mac OS X, you may be able to find it via Fink or DarwinPorts. On Linux, it should be available in most recent distributions. On Ubuntu and Debian, for instance, you can just run:

apt-get install python-scipy

If you don’t have a binary package to install, then you can compile it from source following the instructions on

You can also optionally install iPython and matplotlib for enhanced interactive use and MATLAB-like graphics.

Now, if you wish to install the SphinxTrain Python modules system-wide, go to the python directory inside your SphinxTrain installation and run:

python build
sudo python install