Upcoming CMU Sphinx Software Releases

CMUSphinx release:

* Tests in sphinxbase & pocketsphinx. Accuracy, speed and memory profiling  in real-life situations for sphinx4 and pocketsphinx
* Batch accuracy tests on both
* Buffer for proper live CMN on stream start for sphinxbase, research on  faster CMN
* GMM-based VAD included into decoder.
* Alignment binary in pocketsphinx
* Garbage loop for fsg mode and for lm, FSG confidence
* Better S4 API and better docs for it
* Support for large dictionaries, tries
* G2P and LM training toolkit in S4
* Better error testing tool (sclite)
* Aligner
* French, Russian, Spanish, German models
* Online MLLR adaptation in S4
* Keyword spotting in S4

CMUSphinx next release:

* Speaker id and speaker verification
* New Java training 
* Integration with UniMRCP
* ROS integration
* Reverberation noise