The following projects use Sphinx

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  • Freeswitch: Asterisk alternative. It uses pocketsphinx to offer speech recognition.

  • jvoicexml: Free VoiceXML interpreter for Java with an open architecture for custom extensions.

  • UniMRCP: open source MRCP implementation.

Desktop Voice assistants

  • Jasper: Personal assistant for Raspberry Pi.

  • perlbox: Provides voice solutions for Linux and Unix desktop control.

  • Speech Recognizer: A full blown high concurrency C++ Flash Streaming Server running on windows and *nix. Uses pocketsphinx for speech recognition.

  • Arabisc: Arabic acoustic model.

  • Voicekey: voice-controlled keyboard for GNU/Linux.

  • Misterhouse: an open source home automation program.

  • In Verbis Virtus: A fantasy first person game in which you cast spells using your voice.

  • PocketVox: Pocketsphinx-based voice control for GNOME

  • ILA voice assistant: ILA voice assistant


  • Inimesed: An Android app that lets you search your contacts by voice

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