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jsgf_rule_iter_t Struct Reference

Iterator over rules in a grammar. More...

#include <model.h>

Public Member Functions

POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT jsgf_rule_iter_tjsgf_rule_iter_next (jsgf_rule_iter_t *itor)
POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT jsgf_rule_tjsgf_rule_iter_rule (jsgf_rule_iter_t *itor)
POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT void jsgf_rule_iter_free (jsgf_rule_iter_t *itor)

Detailed Description

Iterator over rules in a grammar.

Member Function Documentation

◆ jsgf_rule_iter_next()

POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT jsgf_rule_iter_t * jsgf_rule_iter_next ( jsgf_rule_iter_t itor)

Advance an iterator to the next rule in the grammar.

◆ jsgf_rule_iter_rule()

POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT jsgf_rule_t * jsgf_rule_iter_rule ( jsgf_rule_iter_t itor)

Get the current rule in a rule iterator.

◆ jsgf_rule_iter_free()

POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT void jsgf_rule_iter_free ( jsgf_rule_iter_t itor)

Free a rule iterator (if the end hasn't been reached).

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