PocketSphinx  5.0.0
A small speech recognizer
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ps_alignment_iter_t Struct Reference

Iterator over entries in an alignment. More...

#include <pocketsphinx/alignment.h>

Public Member Functions

const POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT char * ps_alignment_iter_name (ps_alignment_iter_t *itor)
POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT int ps_alignment_iter_seg (ps_alignment_iter_t *itor, int *start, int *duration)
POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT ps_alignment_iter_tps_alignment_iter_next (ps_alignment_iter_t *itor)
POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT ps_alignment_iter_tps_alignment_iter_children (ps_alignment_iter_t *itor)
POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT int ps_alignment_iter_free (ps_alignment_iter_t *itor)

Detailed Description

Iterator over entries in an alignment.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ps_alignment_iter_name()

const POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT char * ps_alignment_iter_name ( ps_alignment_iter_t itor)

Get the human-readable name of the current segment for an alignment.

Name of this segment as a string (word, phone, or state number). This pointer is owned by the iterator, do not free it yourself.

◆ ps_alignment_iter_seg()

POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT int ps_alignment_iter_seg ( ps_alignment_iter_t itor,
int *  start,
int *  duration 

Get the timing and score information for the current segment of an aligment.

  • start Output pointer for start frame
  • duration Output pointer for duration
    Acoustic score for this segment

◆ ps_alignment_iter_next()

POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT ps_alignment_iter_t * ps_alignment_iter_next ( ps_alignment_iter_t itor)

Move an alignment iterator forward.

If the end of the alignment is reached, this will free the iterator and return NULL.

◆ ps_alignment_iter_children()

POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT ps_alignment_iter_t * ps_alignment_iter_children ( ps_alignment_iter_t itor)

Iterate over the children of the current alignment entry.

If there are no child nodes, NULL is returned.

◆ ps_alignment_iter_free()

POCKETSPHINX_EXPORT int ps_alignment_iter_free ( ps_alignment_iter_t itor)

Release an iterator before completing all iterations.

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