PocketSphinx  5.0.0
A small speech recognizer
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 Canytype_tLiterally any type!
 Cfsg_model_tFinite-state grammar
 Cjsgf_rule_iter_tIterator over rules in a grammar
 Cjsgf_rule_tRule in a parsed JSGF grammar
 Cjsgf_tJSGF parser
 Clogadd_tInteger log math computation table
 Clogmath_tInteger log math computation class
 Cngram_class_tWord class in an N-Gram model
 Cngram_iter_tM-gram (yes, M-gram) iterator object
 Cngram_model_set_iter_tIterator over language models in a set
 Cngram_model_tN-Gram based language model
 Cps_alignment_iter_tIterator over entries in an alignment
 Cps_alignment_tMulti-level alignment (words, phones, states) over an utterance
 Cps_arg_tDefinition of a configuration parameter
 Cps_config_tConfiguration object
 Cps_decoder_tSpeech recognizer object
 Cps_endpointer_tSimple voice activity detection based endpointing
 Cps_latlink_iter_tIterator over DAG links
 Cps_latlink_tLink between DAG nodes
 Cps_latnode_iter_tIterator over DAG nodes
 Cps_latnode_tNode in a word lattice
 Cps_lattice_tWord graph structure used in bestpath/nbest search
 Cps_mllr_tLinear transform object
 Cps_nbest_tN-best hypothesis iterator object
 Cps_search_iter_tIterator over search modules
 Cps_seg_tSegmentation iterator object
 Cps_vad_tVoice activity detector